Good planning is essential to the success of an organization. We can help you put together good plans with action steps that won’t just sit on the shelf! We have experience in all areas of running a nonprofit and can help you create everything from a fundraising plan to a project plan to a strategic plan.


Strategic Planning

A Strategic Plan provides a picture of where you want the organization to be in the next few years and a map of how to get there. It lays out the goals of the organization, the strategies to achieve those goals and the responsible parties or departments.

Hiring someone outside the organization to facilitate the plan allows everyone in the organization to be totally involved and present to the process. Someone outside the organization also brings an outside view, experience from other nonprofits, can facilitate the difficult discussions around opposing views and is not attached to any specific goals or strategies.

Our planning process:

  • Builds agreement around the process first – including issues such as who will participate, what their roles will be and how the process will be managed. This is an important step that is often overlooked, but can be a source of problems later in the process.
  • Takes stock of your organization’s internal and external environments that affect your ability to achieve your mission.
  • Defines or renews your organization’s mission, vision and values statements.
  • Sets goals and agreements on key strategies to reach those goals and address key issues.
  • Develops an action plan with strategies, responsibilities and timelines.
  • Communicates the plan to stakeholders.

Call us today to talk about the process and how it would work for your organization.

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