Professional, proven experts. To provide you with the best possible experience, CNS often partners with other resource providers, consultants, and subject matter experts.

Some of our collaborators are:

  • Susan Bower, Assistant Attorney General, Oregon Dept. of Justice
  • Donnie Maclurcan, CEO, Post Growth Institute
  • Tasha Harmon, New Perspectives
  • Andi Kemp, Upward Development
  • Leslie Witt, Witt Consulting: Tax, Legal, Accounting
  • JoAnne Bunnage, Ph.D., SharedVision
  • Linda Golaszewski,  Nonprofit Programs, Portland State University
  • Cheryl R. Olson, CPA, CGMA; Director of NFP Consulting, Clark Nuber PS
  • David Atkin, Attorney and Director of Atkin and Associates Center for Nonprofit Law
  • Rosalie Westenskow, J.D., Atkin and Associates Center for Nonprofit Law
  • Grady Goodall, J.D., Director of Development, OSU College of Liberal Arts
  • Ryan and Jennifer Gardner, Visual People Web Design
  • John Gear, John Gear Law Office, LLC

We take pride in providing high-quality content and measure participant satisfaction with instructors’ performance in every training, workshop, and conference we provide.