A Message About COVID-19

To our valued clients, partners and friends,

As a precaution against COVID-19, the Center for Nonprofit Stewardship is temporarily suspending all programs and services. Our utmost responsibility is to the safety and well-being of all of you and our staff.

Because of the evolving nature of this issue, this closure will be effective through at least April 30th. Follow us on social media and check back on this page for updates on when we plan to resume activities.  We do plan to reschedule events soon.

In the meantime, we invite nonprofits in need of tools and resources to utilize the following options:

–Informational articles and free tools on the CNS Blog

–CNS’s ever-growing library of free resources from our shelves and around the web

You may reach out to us at thecenter@nonprofitsteward.org. Please note that response times may take longer than usual. Your patience and support are greatly appreciated, as we work through this evolving situation.

We remain dedicated to being a helpful resource for nonprofits across Oregon and beyond.

Thank you and stay healthy!


“I have attended the Annual Conference in Corvallis a couple times representing different Boards that I have served on. They always have top notch speakers and I find attending to be a great way to get re-energized.”

Melissa Metz, Grand Chapter of Oregon


“Thank you for making these seminars available to nonprofit organizations such as ours.  You offer such a wealth of information!”

Jessie Mossey, Quilts for Caring Hands


“We do very much appreciate the opportunity to attend these work sessions and look forward to others in the future as we recruit more board members and are able to offer them training.”

Rebecca Bond, Albany Visitors Association


“CNS offered a Learn@Lunch series of workshops in my area covering some great fundraising and board development topics. These workshops were inexpensive, accessible, and thoughtfully executed in a “bite-sized” fashion to reach busy non-profit staff and volunteers with vital information. L@L is a great model and will make me look for more CNS programming. Thank you for being a great resource for non-profits, CNS!”

Emily James, Heartland Humane Society


“Presentations were excellent from both speakers. Good background info, especially on being a board member!”

Jennifer Albright, Friends of Baker County Library


“Wonderful resource for anyone involved in non-profit work! Awesome seminars, fun networking & valuable education/information! I recommend CNS to all of my colleagues!”

Amber Merrifield, Sutherlin Area Chamber of Commerce


“Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us small organizations who thrive to make our resources to value two or three times more! As the director of The TREE Institute, which is formed by Latinas/os and works with very low income populations of immigrants, I have been seeking simple and low cost ways to train and develop our Board of Directors. The ‘10 Minutes Board Exercises’ books are great!”

Sandra Hernandes, The TREE Institute


“Great workshop in Pendleton today. The presentation about risk management was wonderful, and I feel confident about my organization’s processes. Thank you!”

Velda Arnaud, Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

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