7 Awesome Tactics For Divorce Lawyers To Augment Their Digital Marketing Results

For any divorce lawyers reading this who have tried using digital marketing to advance their law firm, but have been underwhelmed by the results, you deserve praise. We say that because the mere fact that you have instigated a digital marketing campaign means that you are already several steps ahead of most other divorce law firms, and that includes much of your local competition.

However, the fact remains that if you are not seeing the results that you want, something has to change. Obviously, without knowing the exact details of what digital marketing tactics or channels you are using we cannot offer you a bespoke solution, nevertheless, we can offer several digital marketing tactics that are proven to work and have worked successfully for divorce lawyers.

Ensure Every Piece Of Content You Publish Is First Class

One of the most important elements of digital marketing is content, however, merely publishing content is not enough. The content you create or had created for you must be exceptional for it to be noticed, consumed, and appreciated by online users, or for the search engines to give it any ranking credit.

Embrace Social Media To Build A Following

Social media might not be to everyone’s liking, and that includes many divorce lawyers, however, if you are to give your online marketing campaign any chance of succeeding, you must have a presence on at least one or two social media platforms. If you do not want to be involved with it yourself, outsource the work, which can be done for a relatively low cost.

Get To The Top Of Google Using SEO

Competing to get to the top of Google for local searches is achievable, and certainly more than worth it, but it takes time and effort. Specifically, it will require an SEO campaign to ensure that your website is optimised for Google and that you have eternal factors like backlinks to your website, in place.

If Are Not Using Email Marketing, Start Today

If you told successful digital marketers and online entrepreneurs they had to give up all their online marketing strategies and tools bar one, 99% would request that they retain email marketing. It is a tried and trusted online marketing channel that works in every market sector and business niche, including law firms.

Stand Out From The Crowd Using Video Marketing

Watching online videos is now taken for granted by internet users and it is a marketing channel that can bring huge rewards for those who use it. With YouTube being the second most visited search engine online, it is the place to be for divorce lawyers to publish content, brand themselves, and build trust online.

Commit To Analysing Your Results

No marketing campaign is worth creating if you have no intention of monitoring its progress. This requires you to analyse the results being achieved, making changes where necessary, and where you are seeing great results, potentially increasing your time and budget accordingly.

Entrust Your Online Campaign To A Digital Marketing Agency

If you have read thus far and are thinking,  “Phew, that is a lot to do”, we understand completely. To anyone not immersed in digital marketing every day, which we imagine is the case for most divorce lawyers, this can all seem daunting. Thankfully, there is an ideal solution which is to hire a digital marketing agency that can plan, create, and implement all of the above for you, and more.