Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Tools

Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Tools

Whatever the size and type of the business you own or run, you will be keenly aware that some of the most important contributing factors to its success is sales performance how well you treat your customers. Give them great service and not only will they remain customers for life, but they will also recommend your business to others. Do the opposite and treat them poorly you will lose them, and they will spread the word far and wide that your business is one to be avoided.

Creating a positive relationship with customers is undoubtedly a group effort with everyone in your business playing a part, and thankfully there are additional tools and software which can help them all. In particular, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows businesses of all sizes to manage their sales pipeline and customer service effectively with many features that ensure the experience a customer or client has interacting with a business is a positive one.

If you are not yet using CRM software then you are making tasks like sales tracking and communicating with customers more difficult. So, to allow you to choose CRM software and introduce it into your business here are 10 of the best currently available.

Freshworks CRM: This cloud-based CRM software has features that cover sales management, marketing automation, email campaigns, customer communication, and contact organization. There are multiple customizations covering user roles, sales metrics, web forms, and languages. Freshworks also has advanced analytics tools so that each campaign can be fully assessed.

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What Are The Best PPC Digital Marketing Platforms?

What Are The Best PPC Digital Marketing Platforms

There are numerous forms of digital marketing available for those who want to promote their business, services or products. Although things like search engine optimisation and social media marketing are becoming increasingly popular, pay per click (PPC) marketing remains a useful stream.

As you might realise, there are numerous PPC marketing platforms out there. In this article I’m going to look closely at some of the most popular, but first, let’s have a quick look at exactly what PPC is.

What is pay per click marketing?

To put it simply, pay per click, or PPC, marketing is a form of digital marketing where you pay for clicks on your advertisements, rather than for impressions. This means that you’re essentially only paying for potential conversions.

Usually, PPC platforms involve some sort of bidding process which allows you to specify how much you’re willing to pay for a click on a certain ad in a certain position. For example, you might be willing to pay $1.00 per click on an ad that appears at the top of the Google search results, as this click is likely to result in a conversion or sale.

What Are The Best PPC Platforms To Use?

As I’ve already noted, there are numerous different PPC platforms out there. Each has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before selecting one. Some of the options to consider include:

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5 Essential SEO Actions Necessary For Your Website To Rank

5 Essential SEO Actions Necessary For Your Website To Rank

If you wish your real estate company’s website to compete with your competitors for top rankings on Google then you will need a plan in place for SEO. This can often seem like a huge task, and in most cases, it requires expert advice from SEO specialists, such as those over at, however, even they will tell you that you can make great progress with your SEO by ensuring you take actions in 5 distinct areas.

We are not saying that just these 5 actions alone will rocket you to the top of Google, but they provide you with the platform needed to do so. From there you can build upon them and further optimise so that cumulatively they improve your rankings..

Comprehensive Keyword Research

There is little chance of your website ranking for anything if you do not know what you want it to rank for in the first place. Some of those keywords will be obvious to you, but we guarantee you there are dozens, or even hundreds more, that your real estate company’s website has the potential to rank for.

Apart from keyword research tools producing a list of relevant keywords, there are some tools that literally allow you to discover every keyword your competitors are ranking for, and more importantly, how they are optimising for those rankings. With that knowledge, you know what keywords are easy pickings and which might take a bit more effort.

Building A Network Of Backlinks

Backlinks from high-authority websites are like votes of approval, and when Google identifies these, it brings the desired improvements to your website’s ranking a step closer. When building a network of backlinks, the first principle is to go for quality rather than quantity. 20 strong backlinks from well-established websites are worth a lot more than 200 spammy links from one-page link farms, with another critical difference being that they will not harm your rankings either.

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Nonprofit Expert Roundup: What is the most important thing to remember when fundraising?

Nonprofit Expert Roundup What is the most important thing to remember when fundraising

Every nonprofit, whether they’re brand new and an established organization, has heard a wide variety of advice when it comes to fundraising. Whether seeking funds from private donors or larger foundations, nonprofit staff and board members have a lot to consider.

All of the information can be overwhelming, so we asked a variety of nonprofit experts, “What is the most important thing to remember when fundraising?”

“I think it’s crucial for all of us in the nonprofit world to remember that when we’re fundraising, we’re not simply asking for money to support our work or our organization. Instead, we are asking people to invest in their community and offering them an opportunity to direct that investment to something meaningful and impactful for them as a member of that community.”
John M

“Have a fundraising and gift acceptance policy, and review it and keep it in mind whenever anyone offers you anything other than straight cash or check with no strings attached. Lots of people try to solve their problems by disguising them as ‘donations’ to trusting nonprofits, who wind up saddled with liabilities instead of assets.”
John G

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Creating A Perfect Landing Page

Creating A Perfect Landing Page

The following are tips to creating the perfect landing page for your Google AdWords Marketing campaign.

Make it responsive to mobile devices

Your landing page should be view-able on all mobile devices, but most important of all is for it to fully function on all mobile devices. For this to happen it is important that the text fonts are set to the right size so they don’t get too small if the page is re-sized to fit a mobile phone screen. Most important is that the enquiry form is still easy to use from a mobile touch device.

A great headline

The headline is the first thing that visitors see and should have an impact to entice the visitor to keep on reading. Your headline should pose some leading question or have a compelling headline, to sell benefits. It may also refer to the place, where the visitors click to reach your page.

A clean design

A simple and clear design should be enough to make your visitor take action. Any distraction on the page, like making the design too cluttered may simply take the visitors attention away from the message of the page.

Make it easy to scan

An attractive web design and simple layout should catch the eye of your visitors. Ensure that your landing page does not have lengthy text. You should highlight key phrases with bullet points, h tags and bold text.

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