Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Tools

Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Tools

Whatever the size and type of the business you own or run, you will be keenly aware that some of the most important contributing factors to its success is sales performance how well you treat your customers. Give them great service and not only will they remain customers for life, but they will also recommend your business to others. Do the opposite and treat them poorly you will lose them, and they will spread the word far and wide that your business is one to be avoided.

Creating a positive relationship with customers is undoubtedly a group effort with everyone in your business playing a part, and thankfully there are additional tools and software which can help them all. In particular, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows businesses of all sizes to manage their sales pipeline and customer service effectively with many features that ensure the experience a customer or client has interacting with a business is a positive one.

If you are not yet using CRM software then you are making tasks like sales tracking and communicating with customers more difficult. So, to allow you to choose CRM software and introduce it into your business here are 10 of the best currently available.

Freshworks CRM: This cloud-based CRM software has features that cover sales management, marketing automation, email campaigns, customer communication, and contact organization. There are multiple customizations covering user roles, sales metrics, web forms, and languages. Freshworks also has advanced analytics tools so that each campaign can be fully assessed.

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