Creating A Perfect Landing Page

The following are tips to creating the perfect landing page for your Google AdWords Marketing campaign.

Make it responsive to mobile devices

Your landing page should be view-able on all mobile devices, but most important of all is for it to fully function on all mobile devices. For this to happen it is important that the text fonts are set to the right size so they don’t get too small if the page is re-sized to fit a mobile phone screen. Most important is that the enquiry form is still easy to use from a mobile touch device.

A great headline

The headline is the first thing that visitors see and should have an impact to entice the visitor to keep on reading. Your headline should pose some leading question or have a compelling headline, to sell benefits. It may also refer to the place, where the visitors click to reach your page.

A clean design

A simple and clear design should be enough to make your visitor take action. Any distraction on the page, like making the design too cluttered may simply take the visitors attention away from the message of the page.

Make it easy to scan

An attractive web design and simple layout should catch the eye of your visitors. Ensure that your landing page does not have lengthy text. You should highlight key phrases with bullet points, h tags and bold text.

A clear call to action

The aim of your landing page is generally to get a lead. Whatever purpose you have in mind, you should include a clear call to action that will direct the visitors to do something ie: Take Action. You may want them to fill in a form, subscribe to a newsletter or ring you on the telephone. You could offer a free consultation for a certain period – anything to convince the user to take immediate action.

Relevant content above the fold

The content that the visitor sees above the fold (top of the web page) is extremely important in his decision-making to keep reading further. This content needs to be compelling as it creates the first impression and entices the reader to scroll down for further details.

Use real testimonials

Testimonials are very useful as effective sales tools. If you can place a few real testimonials and/or client case studies in a sidebar or in prominent positions, it can help build trust among your visitors.

Regularly test landing page

It is necessary to keep testing your landing page regularly and tweak it, until you are happy with conversions. By doing regular A/B testing, you will be able to see what really works and what doesn’t.

Your landing page is the first impression that visitors get with your business. It is imperative that the page is perfectly designed to convert them into customers.