5 Essential SEO Actions Necessary For Your Website To Rank

If you wish your real estate company’s website to compete with your competitors for top rankings on Google then you will need a plan in place for SEO. This can often seem like a huge task, and in most cases, it requires expert advice from SEO specialists, such as those over at www.seoperthexperts.com.au, however, even they will tell you that you can make great progress with your SEO by ensuring you take actions in 5 distinct areas.

We are not saying that just these 5 actions alone will rocket you to the top of Google, but they provide you with the platform needed to do so. From there you can build upon them and further optimise so that cumulatively they improve your rankings..

Comprehensive Keyword Research

There is little chance of your website ranking for anything if you do not know what you want it to rank for in the first place. Some of those keywords will be obvious to you, but we guarantee you there are dozens, or even hundreds more, that your real estate company’s website has the potential to rank for.

Apart from keyword research tools producing a list of relevant keywords, there are some tools that literally allow you to discover every keyword your competitors are ranking for, and more importantly, how they are optimising for those rankings. With that knowledge, you know what keywords are easy pickings and which might take a bit more effort.

Building A Network Of Backlinks

Backlinks from high-authority websites are like votes of approval, and when Google identifies these, it brings the desired improvements to your website’s ranking a step closer. When building a network of backlinks, the first principle is to go for quality rather than quantity. 20 strong backlinks from well-established websites are worth a lot more than 200 spammy links from one-page link farms, with another critical difference being that they will not harm your rankings either.

Ensuring All Onsite SEO Is 100%

The phrase ‘There’s No Place Like Home’, could have been invented for websites because, when it comes to trying to improving their rankings, if you focus on getting everything fully optimised within your website, it can pay huge dividends. The areas of your website which should have your full attention includes the metadata, which is basically tags that help Google to better identify what each page of your website is trying to rank for.

Another critical SEO factor is the internal linking within your website. All of those should be working and, if set up effectively, can help pass some of the incoming authority from high-quality backlinks throughout your website.

Publishing Top Quality Content On Your Website

Publishing the best possible content on your website should be a no-brainer, which is why we are still amazed at so many businesses which simply ignore this point. Great content is good for your visitors and Google loves it, so if you want your real estate company’s website to rank well, you need that content published there. Make it interesting, current, diverse, and a reason for a visitor to like and trust your real estate company.

Having A Website That Provides Visitors With An Excellent Experience

Great content will help to achieve this, as will a website with an excellent layout, easy navigation, and that functions properly, including loading quickly. These all contribute to a great user experience which helps your business gain prospects and gives signals to Google, such as time spent on your website, that can boost your rankings.