10 Essential Actions For Before, During, And After An Office Relocation

An office relocation is an exciting time for a business, but it can also be a somewhat precarious one as well, especially if the relocation is done without proper planning. Poor planning and preparation, trying to do it on the cheap, failing to use professional Interstate Removalists, and not ensuring that the new premises are ready for the business to move into, are but a few of the many pitfalls that can occur.

Thankfully, most business owners have the good sense to not follow that route and instead try to do all they can to make their office relocation a success. To help facilitate that success, here are 10 actions that you can take if you are considering relocating your business.

#1 Start Planning As Soon As Possible: There are one or two of these actions that have the biggest influence on the success of your relocation, and this is certainly one of them. Planning early and properly from the very day you decide you are relocating all the way through to moving day, will give you a huge advantage.

#2 Put One Person In Charge Of Coordinating Your Relocation: The planning and organisation will work better if you have one person coordinating it all. Choose someone you know is a good communicator and excellent at project planning.

#3 Involve Your Staff And Seek Their Support: As well as your coordinator, you want the rest of your employees to feel they have a stake in their workplace’s relocation. Seek their ideas, listen to their concerns, and involve them whenever possible.

#4 Communicate Effectively With All Concerned: Apart from ensuring your employees are kept informed, it is also essential that you communicate effectively with other interested parties. These include businesses you deal with, as either a customer or a vendor, individual customers, your legal and financial advisors, and those who service your business.

#5 Declutter Your Office As Part Of The Process: Do not miss the chance for your business to relieve itself of excess equipment, stock, furniture, and anything else that is surplus to requirements. Apart from making your new premises tidier it also makes the cost of moving less as you have fewer items to relocate.

#6 Use A Professional Removalist Company: Another of the top ways to ensure a successful relocation is to only entrust the moving of your files, furniture, and equipment to a professional removalist company.

#7 Ensure All Financial And Legal Matters Are Attended To: Moving to new premises can have legal and financial implications so you must speak to your commercial lawyer and your accountants, for example, to ensure everything associated with your relocation is in order.

#8 Ensure Your New Premises Are Ready For An Immediate Restart: The sooner your business is functioning as it should again, the better, and that aim is best served by making sure that your new premises are ready for action on day #1.

#9 Have A Party For Your Staff To Celebrate Your Relocation: as a thank you to your staff, and to give everyone a chance to have some fun after the relocation, you should hold a celebration party and if the bar bill is on you, then all the better.

#10 Relaunch Your Business With A Fanfare: Your relocation is a great chance to grab some free publicity, boost your brand, and run some promotions to generate new eutomers and increase sales.