Micro-Plans Messaging for the Here and Now

A comprehensive marketing plan brings together individual plans for marketing communications, internal communications, and stakeholder communications. They may even take into consideration things like search engine optimization, paid vs. organic traffic, and marketing automation platforms. For many organizations, developing campaigns at this scale isn’t feasible in the best of times due to the large investments of time and funding they require.

Smaller, micro-campaigns are a great tool for organizations that want something more easily designed that can be implemented swiftly. These tightly focused campaigns are intended to deliver a specific intention or motive; a perfect option for the here and now.

To frame your plan, start by identifying the business goals you intend to reach through your communications. Beginning with your goals in mind will help you market with intention.

For example, if your business goal is increased fee-for-service revenue, then your communications are intended to nurture client engagement. If your business goal is to build a stronger brand, then your communications are intended to differentiate your organization from others doing similar work and give credibility to the organization’s management and stewardship. These are your motives.

Next, consider these Four M’s for each of your motives to design the framework for your micro-plan.

Message: What is the story you’re telling or the call to action you’re asking for?
Market: Who is the target audience? How can you best reach them?
Method: How will you implement the micro-plan? On which platforms? When?
Means: How much will it cost? Do you have the time and funding to pull it off?
This micro-plan development process will help you mindfully creating a plan that is bite-sized and easily implemented. As you continue developing targeted micro-plans, observe how they come together to resemble a more comprehensive marketing strategy.