Creating a Simple Case Statement

The current state of affairs has us facing and placing large amounts of information. To make sure that your audience isn’t missing important updates from your nonprofit, your messaging needs to be focused and uncomplicated. Not only will this simple framework help you streamline your communications, but it will save you time and frustration as well.

Four Elements of a Simple Case Statement:

1. A problem that is easy to understand

Example: “Hundreds of local children go hungry on the weekends when schools close and their free meal programs aren’t available.”

2. Solution that is easy to understand

Example: “When you donate to Local Food Pantry, your gift provides meals to children experiencing hunger.”

3. Cost that is a good deal

Example: “We are proud to say that 91 cents of every dollar donated go directly to hunger-relief efforts.”

4. Urgency to solve the problem

Example: “Donate today to ensure children in your community get meals this weekend.”

These four sentences together make up a short story about the service your organization provides and who benefits. Use them together for a one-paragraph case statement or as inspiration for four short paragraphs that provide a more comprehensive narrative.

Tip: Avoid marketing. A case statement isn’t the space to talk about how long your nonprofit has been around or how qualified your staff is, but instead about the need you’re trying to meet and the steps to meet it.