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Frequently Asked Questions: CNS Services

If you’re curious about CNS’s services, see the questions below. If you don’t find an answer to your inquiry, please contact us!

How do I become a member of CNS?
The Center for Nonprofit Stewardship is not a membership organization. Anyone can take part in our workshops and events.

In 2019, CNS helped managed the Mid-Valley Development Professionals program which had a membership component, but MVDP is now on hiatus.

How much will it cost for training?
As a nonprofit, CNS charges about 20% below market for planning and training services. There are also technical assistance grants from local foundations that can help you pay for services. After we develop a scope of work for your organization, we can better give you an idea what training and planning services will cost, and what other resources might be out there to help you pay for services!

Can you give legal advice?
We can refer you to an attorney or CPA who can answer any very technical questions you may have.

Can you donate your services?
Our programming, like all nonprofits, is a funding stream we use to pay our consultants and employees, so we do not donate services.

What if we don’t see a training you have listed that we need?
Call us and let’s talk! We are well connected with other organizations like the Nonprofit Association of Oregon and may be able to direct you to their resources.

Do you offer specialized help for accounting, legal, or Human Resources issues?
Yes – we have specialized consultants who can do a quick hour of targeted work with key staff or the board to get your organization ready to move forward.