The Center for Nonprofit Stewardship strives to be a helpful resource to nonprofits not only in our region, but all across the world. Here you can find our ever-growing library of free resources from CNS and ones that we’ve compiled from around the Internet.

From the Center for Nonprofit Stewardship

Organizational Development & Leadership
4 Steps to Planning Strategically
Get started with a Strategic Plan with four basic steps.

Action Plan Template
Use this template to categorize each step in an action plan.

Agenda Planning for Board Members
This guide will walk you through how to plan an agenda for your next board meeting.

City Council Visioning Exercise
An exercise to review and refine your city council mission and vision.

Executive Director Sample Job Description
This is a sample job description to get you started on your search for an executive director.

Orientation Checklist for New Board Members
When orienting new board members, use this checklist to make sure you cover everything.

Toolbox Exercise: Effective Meetings
Assess your meetings and implement a plan to make them move effective.

Toolbox Exercise: Board Member Job Descriptions
One of the crucial parts of board recruitment and retention is a clear, updated job description.

Toolbox Exercise: Review Your Mission Statement
Review your mission statement with this free exercise.

Workbook: Becoming a Great Board
Get your board galvanized with this workbook full of 10-minute exercises.

Workbook: Board Management
Get your board working with this workbook full of 10-minute exercises.

Workbook: Getting Ready for a Diverse Board
Prepare your board for change and diversity with this workbook full of 10-minute exercises.

Fundraising & Development
Steps for a Fundraising Action Plan
These steps will guide you through how to make a fundraising action plan.

Toolbox Exercise: Becoming Your Donor’s Favorite Cause
Use this free exercise to identify ways to solidify relationships with your donors.

Workbook: Building Donor Support
Get your board moving with this workbook full of 10-minute exercises.

Assessment & Evaluation
Focus Group Checklist
If you want to use a focus group, use this checklist to guide the process.

Polling for Consensus
This sheet will help you poll for consensus among your group to facilitate discussions.

Project Impact Statement Worksheet
Use this worksheet to define your project’s success and how it’s measured.

Toolbox Exercise: Deciding Which Programs to Evaluate
This exercise will guide you as you decide which programs to evaluate.

Toolbox Exercise: Are You Ready for Change?
Use this free exercise to assess your organization’s readiness towards change.

Vision Worksheet
Use this worksheet to document your vision for your organization.

Workbook: Successful Program Evaluations
Analyze your programs and their impact with this workbook of 10-minute exercises.

Financial Management
Evaluating the Need for an Internal Audit
Your organization may need an internal audit; use this exercise to decide.

Questions For a Financial Statement of Activities
These questions will guide you through your financial statements.

Toolbox Exercise: Internal Controls Exercise
This board exercise will clarify methods used by your organization to process financial transactions.

Workbook: Do-It-Yourself Internal Audit
Our extensive workbook, developed with Witt Consulting, carefully guides your organization through an internal audit.

Workbook: Financial Oversight
Get your board informed with this workbook full of 10-minute exercises.

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From the Web

Government Links
A Guide to Nonprofit Board Service in Oregon
Also called “The Red Book”, a basic guide to your roles, rights, and responsibilities as a director

Internal Revenue Service, Charities and Nonprofits
The IRS’s main website for charities and nonprofits

Internal Revenue Service, Tax Exempt Organizations and Gaming
A publication explaining federal regulations around gaming

Oregon Annual Report Requirements
Forms and instructions on how to file your annual report with Oregon

Oregon Department of Justice, Charitable Activities Section
Statutes and Rules Governing Oregon Nonprofits, put together by the DOJ

Oregon Department of Justice, Charitable Gaming FAQs and Resources
Charitable Gaming FAQs & Resources

Oregon Secretary of State
Nonprofit Services from the Secretary of State, including how to file, resources, and a glossary of terms

Stay Exempt: Tax Basics for Exempt Organizations
Resources from the IRS about tax basics for nonprofits and other exempt organizations

Social Media/Web Tools
Free and easy-to-use graphic design via your browser with many more options for registered nonprofits

Constant Contact
Newsletter/Event Management with a discount for nonprofits

Facebook’s Guide for Nonprofits
Essential information for any nonprofit on Facebook

Grammar and Spell Checker

Hubspot Downloads and Resources
Free marketing resources

Newsletter Management with a free plan

Nonprofit Technology Network
Oregon-based nonprofit focused on strengthening nonprofits’ relationship with technology

Services, IT help, and discounted products for nonprofits

Free Stock Photos

Project Management

Fund Development Tools
Harbor Compliance: Oregon Fundraising Licensing Guide
A guide to Oregon’s licensing requirements for a range of fundraising activities (part of Harbor Compliance’s country-wide database)

Blackbaud Resource Library
Industry insights, best practice tips, and trends compiled by Blackbaud, a cloud software company that works with nonprofits

Fundraising Platform with free ebooks and a helpful blog

Fundraising and Engagement Platform

Fundraising Authority
Helpful articles on fundraising and development

Grant management website to track funders and grants

Admin Tools
An online resource library for board service and leadership

FMA (Fiscal Management Associates), Fiscal Strength for Nonprofits
A group of consultants working for the fiscal strength of organizations

Wallace Foundation
A general collection of resources for strengthening financial management

Risk Management
Disaster Philanthropy Playbook
Compilation of philanthropic strategies for when disaster strikes communities

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group
Insurance group that offers coverage specifically for nonprofits

Nonprofit Risk Management Center
A nonprofit that helps inspire effective risk management for other organizations

An online resource library for board service and leadership

Council on Foundations
Resources on and for foundations

Free Management Library
A variety of articles and resources to improve yourself, your organization, and groups you’re involved with

Learning platform with e-courses on grantwriting

Nonprofit Issues
The blog of nonprofit lawyer Don Kramer with countless articles on legal issues

Nonprofit Library
Online library of over fifty nonprofit resources in topics such as fundraising, donor relations, and marketing/communications.

Nonprofit Risk Management CEnter
A nonprofit that helps inspire effective risk management for other organizations

Nonprofit Technology Network
Oregon-based nonprofit focused on strengthening nonprofits’ relationship with technology

Philanthropy University
Free online courses focused on improving organizational capacity

Databases and Data on Nonprofits
Foundation Center
Information about foundations and their benefactors

Database of nonprofits across the nation, many including 990s and contact information

Facebook Groups
Nonprofit Happy Hour
A large group of nonprofit professionals from across the world

Nonprofit Social Media Storytelling
A group focused on how to use social media to tell stories

Oregon Nonprofit Happy Hour
Oregon’s networking group of nonprofit professionals

Resources from Other Nonprofits
Global Giving
Resource library from Global Giving, a crowdfunding platform

Ebooks, documents, and blog articles on grant writing and other fund development related topics

National Council of Nonprofits
Tools, resources, and samples for organizational development and many other topics

Nonprofit Association of Oregon
Oregon’s association for nonprofits that offers convening opportunities, a directory of consultants, and state advocacy

Nonprofit Learning Lab
Organization that provides professional development, training and mentoring for nonprofit professionals

Propel Nonprofits
Blog articles on strategic planning, finance, and board/governance

Support Center
Resources on a variety of topics (located in NYC, so some of the links are location-specific)

United Way Oregon
Links to the United Ways throughout Oregon

News Publications/Blogs
Chronicle of Philanthropy
A publication on philanthropy, including individual giving, major gifts, corporate sponsorship, and more

Nonprofit Quarterly
Articles on the nonprofit sector, highlighting policies, finance management, and large nonprofits

Nonprofit Times
Collection of all the latest news in the nonprofit world

SSI (Standard Social Innovation) Review
Writings on social change, including how nonprofits can enact those changes

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