You can support local nonprofits by supporting CNS! June Nielson from Quilts for Caring Hands says:

Your organization has been so helpful to me and QCH, as the group grew and had challenges to overcome. I learned so much about the fine points of being a non-profit (finances, structure, legal issues, etc) from attending your January workshops. Thank you many times over. Sure that many small non-profits in the area are healthier, thanks to you and your colleagues.

Past board members, Robert and Susan Poole, have pledged to donate $25,000 to CNS—if we can raise $25,000 in matching gifts. In order to secure their generous pledge, we need your support!

A gift to CNS has a ripple effect that reaches communities throughout the state of Oregon. Your gift to CNS supports nonprofits seeking learning and resources to build on their strengths and improve their effectiveness. In turn, our nonprofit clients are working every day to provide critical services to their own beneficiaries. They’re tackling problems we all want addressed like hunger, youth suicide, and domestic violence; economic development, water policy, or emergency services; drop-out prevention, stronger reading skills, and college access.

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