We want to hear from you! We have been fortunate to help thousands of nonprofits and their dedicated staff, board members, and volunteers throughout more than seventeen years working in Oregon and its surrounding areas, first as Financial Stewardship Resources and now as the Center for Nonprofit Stewardship. Throughout the many programs we’ve had in our years, we’ve covered topics such as financial accountability, board and organizational development, fundraising, marketing, human resources, and more!

Now, we’d like to hear from you: What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned from one of CNS’s workshops or conferences?

Please share your story with us! We’ll use your advice and tips to share with others and to continue to educate and empower nonprofits across the region.

Need inspiration? Here’s what people in the past have said:

“I have been seeking simple and low cost ways to train and develop our Board of Directors. The ‘10 Minutes Board Exercises’ books are great!” – Sandra Hernandes, The TREE Institute

“The presentation about risk management was wonderful, and I feel confident about my organization’s processes. Thank you!” – Velda Arnaud, Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

“Good background info, especially on being a board member!” – Jennifer Albright, Friends of Baker County Library